New Tax Stabilization Plan for Trump Taj Mahal

Online casino screenshotA new tax stabilization plan is now being presented to the state Legislature. The plan is designed to keep the doors of Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal casino open. Republican Mayor Don Guardian says he is in favor of the new plan. He believes the plan will provide solid protection for one of the most popular casinos in the world. He also believes the bill will keep over 2,000 people employed.

The tax program is in place, but some casinos may have to deal with the circumstances of being over billed. The new bill would provide help to casino owners that find themselves in this situation. The new amendment will credit the full amount of the overage toward the prospective casino’s reinvestment tax duty.

The bill would also increase annual school aid to Atlantic City, increase the level of benefits for casino workers, and eradicate the Atlantic City Alliance. The bill would also create an impressive $30 million annual budget for future city projects.

The Gaming Industry is Stimulating Maryland’s Economy

The Gaming Association released a report that shows casino gambling has generated close to $1.4 billion dollars for the state of Maryland. This impressive revenue is also responsible for creating over 7 jobs and securing over $500 million in tax revenues.

The report shows that the popular casinos in Maryland are responsible for generating this impressive revenue. The state plans to open a new casino in Prince George’s County within two years.

Rich Casino Launches New Slots Game

Rich Casino is a highly respected pioneer in the gaming industry. This gaming giant is expected to announce the release of a new slots game that will give players an opportunity to secure big winnings. The New Tales of Egypt is a online video slots game with an adventure theme that is designed to provide hours of excitement.

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