Prize Winning Lottery Ticket Found To Be Misprinted

John Wines, a resident of New Mexico, thought that he had hit pay dirt when his purchased lottery ticket revealed five winning numbers. The resultant price would add up to approximately $500,000.


Winner did get the lottery prize due to misprinted ticket.


 Case of misprint

When Wines, who purchased the ticket at Roswell’s Shell gas station, he was met with an astounding answer that the ticket was misprinted and he would not be paid. When he contacted the New Mexico Lottery, the representatives of the company stuck to the misprint argument.

The response of the lottery company was that the specific section of tickets contained a flaw and it was already reported to the printer. It thanked Wines for bringing this into attention. The company also said that it completed a full ticket reconstruction and there was no winner by any means.

Wines said that he was retired recently and the prize money would have immensely helped him. He also mentioned that the offer of being a recipient of $100 in lottery tickets to compensate for the error does not appear to be fair as he purchased the tickets in all good faith.


Responsible money

Many people buy lottery tickets every week, fully expecting not to win. A large proportion of individuals purchase lottery tickets occasionally. A rare few even hits the jackpot.

Purchasing lottery tickets has a minimal chance of breaking your bank if you do it occasionally for fun. However, if you spend essential hard earned money, then it can very well push you into financial difficulties. If you play responsibly, do remember that a part of state lottery is utilized for sponsoring children’s and educational programs. It is clear that the only responsible way to play lottery is for fun. When it becomes an obsession, then it will a good time to stop

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