FA Cracks Down On Betting Rules After Ronnie Moore’s Confession


In the world of sports betting, regulations and rules about the gambling tactics and maneuvers of those in positions to affect the outcome of the game are put in place to protect the integrity of the sports, participants, and teams involved. While regulations have been established but the Football Association (FA) for quite some time, it seems that this season they’re beginning to take a much firmer hand in enforcing them and following up with breaches of these rules.

The beginning of the current dialogue about the potential tightening of rules and regulations around sports betting began earlier this year after the Tranmere Rovers decided to give their manager, Ronnie Moore, the sack. Moore was accused of breaching rules in place about betting. sports bettingThe rules in question state that participants in the games or those in a position to affect the outcome of a game may neither bet on the game themselves or pass information to those who might be betting on the game. When allegations of his breach of this rule were made, the Rovers decided to suspend the manager and asked his assistant to step up and take over.

Moore, who at the age of 61 has had a rather long and successful career in the world of sports management, asked if he could have a private hearing on the matter. He was granted this, and was then officially fired after admitting to the charges. While the hearing date for Moore has yet to be set, his actions did begin a chain of other reactions to begin.

After Moore’s breach of etiquette and regulations, the FA has begun to call into question whether or not their regulations are strict enough to truly deter such activity. This dialogue has resulted in the proposal that those members and associates of clubs in the English League’s top eight tiers be banned from participating in sports betting altogether. While Moore’s hearing date has yet to be announced, the voting date for this new potential regulation has been set and announced for May 21st of this year. After having a member of their community with such a high status corrupt the betting system in the way Moore has, it seems that the FA doesn’t want to take any more chances. Sports fans and bettors everywhere will certainly be watching to see what new developments are made in both of these cases.

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