Latest Online Slot Games

Slots game has one of the most popular game formats.

One of the most popular gaming formats to have presented and indeed refined itself since the dawn of the online gaming age, is that of online slots. The massive accessibility to lots and lots of games all in one place coupled with the inventive technology which makes concepts capable of truly being brought to life makes for a very exciting prospect for most online gamers.

New and exciting slots games can be made to a very high standard in a very short amount of time – with endless new titles being launched all of the time from the likes of Microgaming and Viper. A slots game exists for just about every significant theme existent within popular culture; this is truly a testament to their extreme popularity. However, it is often the intricate features of a game which decides upon its eventual popularity. Here are two of the most recent releases doing the rounds:


Dragons Myth

This standard 5 x 3 reel video slot game from Microgaming has proven itself rather popular since its launch a couple of months back. With 20 fixed lines giving the player a very high number of winning pay lines and a minimum bet of .20 it’s not really hard to understand why!


Rabbit in the Hat

There’s nothing quite like a slot with an aged magical theme, and that’s exactly what Rabbit in the Hat is. Explore your inner mystical side with this fun and vibrant slot available now via Microgaming on a whole host of online casinos.

These are just two examples of the hundreds of new releases being put out there annually. A sad reality of being a video slots fan is that we’ll just never get round to playing them all.

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